How can I get the “perfect” tenant?

    We all know that rent is the number one prospective tenants look for. Getting the money that you want at the market price can be difficult, and then you have to worry about tenants and how well they are taking care of your home, and so on. While getting your money to you is important to us, finding a good, respectable, responsible tenant is also incredibly important to all involved. A good way to find a respectful person like this, is to have the rent set at market value. Market value is a good way to find tenants that are serious about your property, that will take good care of it, and have communication with both you and our team.

      Through market value, you figure out what others are willing to pay around your home – for property value, location, and transportation opportunities. All depending on the comparable properties in your area. Once you have a set rent, you can focus on pictures, which we do for you, and of course, the advertising. The advertising that our team provides for your property has a setup, that if your property is not receiving what we consider ‘enough’ attention, we will boost it on our hundreds of websites, at our expense. This will attract all sorts of people, and through it being set at market value, with professional level pictures, we are able to attract the exact type of tenant that you would like. Another good way to attract the perfect tenant, is to make sure that your home is in perfect condition. That means, manicured lawns, professionally cleaned carpets and counter tops, and a decision on whether or not you want to allow pets in your home.

All of these options can also raise or lower your market value, which determines how much a tenant would be willing to pay to rent your home. The nicer a property looks, the nicer a tenant will be, and the better the rent check will look.

Posted by: rentcoloradohomes on February 14, 2018
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