Our Owners from left to right; Eugene O’Brien,     Jim Wanzeck, Steve Olson

What Makes Masters Property Management So Special?

Do you really believe that you are the best property management office? Do you really care about all the properties that you manage? Are you different from everyone else? That answer, is yes. Here at RE/MAX Masters Property Management, not only are we surrounded by the best of the best, voted best in the nation from 2013-2017, and internationally in 2017, we utilize these resources that we are surrounded with. Not only are we in the most productive REMAX office in the world, one of our partners, Jim Wanzeck, a co-founder of RE/MAX Masters Millennium, with skills including investment properties, has the single highest sales volume in the world. That’s both nationally and internationally! Jim also received the award this year for being the Owner of the Year in the United States. “James T. Wanzeck, Managing Broker and owner of RE/MAX Masters Millennium, was presented with the top production award by representatives of RE/MAX LLC.  The distinguished honor places RE/MAX Masters Millennium among the elite of all real estate offices in the United States.” With Jim as a major resource to our company, as well as the many other partners that we have in our office, we are able to truly focus on bringing you not only the best customer service, but the best results for your investment properties. We have on-site interior design, lawyers, insurance agencies, brokers, and, of course, our office!  Being a part of the #1 RE/MAX office in the world definitely has its perks to both our company and our homeowners. These partners also allow us to have connections for any problem that may arise, making it so that we are able to smoothly take care of anything that comes our way.

Along with all of this, we are also recognized with multiple prestigious awards from SMDRA. This attracts more and more customers, and puts both tenants and homeowners at ease.

In property management, it’s important to have a company that not only knows who you are, your property, and what is going on, it’s important to have a company that cares and works hard for the best for you, as the homeowner. We understand that hesitations including trust can hold someone back from taking the leap form managing their own investment properties to utilizing a property management company – the risks can seem huge. But we promise, once you meet us, all of those concerns will go away. We are a very knowledgeable office; how could we not be? With all of these resources around us, day in and day out? That answer is, we are.


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