Well, Denver, summer is slowly coming to a close and in Denver that means the weather is finally cooling down, the sun is giving us a much-needed break! Once the Denver ‘monsoon’ season is over, is normally when our leaves change, and fall officially starts. We wanted to take a second and go over what you need to be doing annually (or having us do) to make sure to keep your home in tip-top shape throughout the autumn season and prepare it for the coming winter! We’re just 15 weeks away from snow, people. It’s time to get started!


Tip #1

Clean out your gutters!

It’s difficult, involves a ladder, and we’re here to get it done for you. If gutters don’t get cleaned at least on an annual basis, it can lead to bigger, much more expensive fixes. While we have someone up there to inspect and clean your gutters, we can also make sure that the roof hasn’t been damaged by those crazy hail storms we got a couple weeks back! If you compost or garden, the leaves and plants that you clean out of your gutter can really spice up your garden soil for the next growing period, too!


Tip #2

Clean your outdoor furniture (including your grill!) and your tools!

This doesn’t mean put them away – in Denver a lot of the time, we have one true week of autumn, and the rest is an extension of either winter or summer, depending on the week that it falls on! But it also gets them ready to be put away safely and without tracking too much dirt into your house or storage, making it easier to pull them out and be ready for the next sunny season!


Tip #3

Planting for spring

It sounds weird, but it works! Plant your in-ground bulbs for next spring, and any perennial plants that you want to add. Remember to always check in with your property manager to get permission to do so!


Tip #4

 Let There Be Light!

If you’re living with your blinds and shades closed all the time, now is the time to start letting in some natural light. Not only does it kill any lingering bacteria left over from cleaning your home, natural light, it makes it easier for your home to warm up in the winter and makes generally everyone happier! To accentuate these effects, clean your windows and doors, and consider getting energy efficient bulbs for any lamps that light up your darker spaces.


Tip #5

Make sure your furnace is in good, working order.

We can’t stress this one enough. If your furnace stops working in the middle of winter, we may not be able to get to it until the next morning or afternoon – if you’ve had any trouble with your furnace, we don’t mind at all swinging by and checking out if we can do any preventative maintenance. We don’t want you to be cold on Christmas Eve, so please remember to replace the furnace filter before you turn it on for the first time, to avoid any complications later in the winter.


If you know, you know.

Tip #6

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep-ity Sweep

Do you have a fireplace? If you have a wood fireplace and would like to use it, please make sure that it’s clean. We’re here to help with that, if you need us! Otherwise, clean the shields and doors to your fireplace, and make sure that it’s working and turns on and off as it’s supposed to. If you smell gas, don’t be afraid to call us right away.



Tip #7

General Home Maintenance

Check your windows and doors for caulking issues, this will help keep the warm air in, and the cold air out, and ultimately save on your Xcel or REA bill.


Tip #8

Create a Makeshift Mudroom!

 With fall, comes mud. With winter, comes mud, sleet, snow, slush, and salt damage. Place an indoor and outdoor rug inside your entry way (if your HOA allows one to be outside of your home, place one there, too) and have a coat and shoe rack ready for your drenched and dirty clothing items. This will help keep your home clean and avoid any flooring damage from the water or salt!


Tip #9

Do A Home Safety Check

The number one thing before the winter starts is to check your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. We don’t want anyone hurt, and if you need help getting to them or have any questions, please reach out to us. Other than that, make sure you have an emergency preparedness kit, and a meeting place just in case, but please stay safe this season.


Tip #10

Winterize your Sprinkler System

Call us, and we’ll do it for you, or if you know how to do the proper maintenance on your irrigation system, winterize it! This will prevent any pipes from bursting, and make sure it’s in good order for the next season!



Denver, it’s been real. From the hail and the floods, to the over 100 degree days, we’ve almost made it through – only 18 weeks until the official start of winter, on December 21st, so in reality, we’ve got about 10-12 weeks left!

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