How to Throw a Groundbreaking Labor Day Barbecue (Including recipes!!)

1. Make A Facebook Event.

Ah, the wonders of the world of social media. No one wants to be left out, everyone wants to be invited, and about half the people that say they’ll show up, actually show up. But that insures the best people, and your closest friends will be the ones who show up!

2. Simplicity is Best.

As far as decorations, a table cloth and some red solo cups should be good! If you want, you can put out a menu on a small chalk board, but if you set all the food out on a table, it’s pretty self-explanatory what will be served!

3. The Best Recipes are Homemade!

My favorites for a barbecue are some really good ribs, my mom’s homemade potato salad, some classic macaroni and cheese, and some good, homemade corn bread. This is the thanksgiving of the summer for my family, so we always make everything homemade, with each other and some music playing. To make the best ribs ever – buy some pork or beef ribs, peel the thin layer off the back, dry them off and shower them with apple cider vinegar, score them, make a rub of some salt, pepper, seasoning salt, some Cajun spice, and I really love to add some sweet brown sugar to my rubs. I’ll massage it into the meat on both sides, and then let it sit overnight in the fridge! The next morning, I’ll put them on a smoker for about 2 hours, take them off, let them cool, and then brush them with my family’s secret barbecue sauce recipe. Next, they’re on low on our grill for an hour, and they’re done! The meat slides off the bones and melts in your mouth. It’s so good!

For the best Macaroni and cheese, try baking it! Cook the noodles, put them in a casserole dish, add some heavy cream and an egg, mix them together, making sure to coat every inch, add some fresh grated cheddar cheese, some bacon crumbles, and mix it all up, add some extra cheese to the top, some breadcrumbs, and put it in the oven! Let it cook at 400 for about an hour, maybe longer, depending on how you want the texture to be.

If you don’t want to make homemade cornbread, use a mix, but cook it on a cook top in a cast iron pan for about five-ish minutes after you take it out of the oven, this will toast the bottom and give it a better crust, drizzle some honey, and you have a half-homemade, 30-minute cornbread! Cover it with a cloth and let it finish cooking for an hour before you serve it.

4. Have a Sharpie ready for Drinks!

You definitely don’t want to be mixing up fruit juice with sangria, so this is important if you’re having a large gathering!

5. Remember to Relax and Enjoy your family

Not everything has to be perfect, and as long as your friends and family are around you, it’ll be perfect. Enjoy this long Labor Day weekend, Denver!


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