1. What is Your Maintenance Process Like?

Some property management companies will withhold a maintenance reserve in order to keep you out of the stress of management, these companies are normally full service and have a cap at $200.00 and any maintenance item above that $200.00 would automatically be a call to you to have the work that needs to be done approved.

2. Do You Perform Property Inspections?

If they’re a full service, they more than likely conduct an inspection once every 6 months, and an extra inspection during the growing season to make sure everything is being taken care of. If it’s a full service management company, you should expect nothing less!

3. How Long is your Average Number of Month’s Occupancy?

This answer should depend on your needs as an owner. If it’s a short-term lease or a long-term lease, or when the property’s current lease is up. If it’s after August, property management slows down, and we try to sign people onto an 18-month lease, that way the lease ends in the spring, giving us a chance to get the best rental rate in the market and occupy your property easier.

4. What is your Eviction Process?

Incase anything like an eviction needs to happen, your property management company needs to be able to handle it for you and do it efficiently. You want to ask if they’ve had to evict tenants before, and if they have, why and what could’ve been done differently. If they’re a good full service management company, that number will be zero to none, like ours!

5. How Do I Get Paid?

Ask when they send out their statements, and their owner payments. We send ours around the 10th of each month, and make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. This is the most important part, right?

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