Property management and maintenance go hand in hand.

They’re both absolutely necessary for keeping your investments in tact and making sure that the property goes up in value instead of down, but they’re both incredibly different when it comes down to it. Maintenance is in reality a daily task that we as your property managers have to deal with, but once you get what needs to be done taken care of it’s so rewarding – it means we’re taking care of our owners, our tenants, and our properties and that feeling alone is the reason we love working here.

Other than collecting rent, marketing, accounting and legal duties, maintenance is the main task we tackle here every day. With our new maintenance branch, Masters Property Maintenance, it’s made our daily business lives flow much easier! Scott Gifford, our maintenance coordinator since September, has been a great addition on to our team. Here’s what we’ve learned since:

Property maintenance defined:
Property maintenance is the strategy and tasks involved in keeping your investment properties well maintained and in good condition. There are routine tasks, like checking smoke detectors, checking furnace operations, and basic plumbing to prevent any issues, but there are also larger, more urgent maintenance issues that we deal with, like flooding and HVAC systems not working on the hottest or coldest days of the year. Without fail, something is always going on, and that means that we are always working hard to protect your interests and your investments.

You should never ignore a maintenance issue – because –

The second something is ignored it gets bigger. You really can’t overstate the importance of property maintenance services when it comes to property management – you can literally prevent a house collapse, fire, or an explosion with the right maintenance and knowledge. To avoid these issues, we as your property manager carefully consider all maintenance as one of the most important parts of the job.

Other than lowering risk associated with renting out your investment property, making sure everything is well maintained keeps things up:

Like, increased property value. A well-maintained investment will hold or increase in value as it’s taken care of – if you’re lacking in repairs, the value of your investment property can fall.

Like, reduced costs. Any efficient property manager will help save you money by minimizing risk, extending the life of the plumbing, electric, HVAC and appliances – satisfying tenants so that they want to be the best they can be and stay as long as they can, and decreasing manual effort. Work smarter, not harder, people.

Like, less work. We have plenty of work to do, but by having Scott on our team and having a great system to handle any maintenance work orders that come through, we reduce the time that we spend contacting tenants and owners, trying to ‘track’ what’s been done, and manually entering any data into the software or invoices by hand or twice.
Like, satisfied tenants. Always save the best for last! If you have a satisfied tenant, not only are they going to take better care of the home, they’re going to want to renew their lease. With us, that means no 50% of the first months’ rent going towards our leasing fee, peace of mind – because as satisfied tenants, they’re good tenants and generally pay rent on time and take good care of the home on their own – a good tenant will always take pride in the property that they reside in – leaving you with that stated peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands.

Obviously, you want to keep your property well maintained to maximize its value. In return, you can give us a chance to maximize rental prices! When a good tenant walks in to a good property, it’s a match made in heaven. You can lower turnover, saving time and money for everyone involved.

As your property management company, investing in Scott being a part of the team has become priceless. It improves our profits, as everything is done inside our company, we save time with our flawless maintenance reporting system, and it reduces any and all hassles. You have every reason to invest in us as your property management company purely because of this.

We provide superior property maintenance services (Masters, really)

We include a property management preventative checklist:
This is relatively new to our system, but we have a checklist with everything that we offer along the lines of any preventative maintenance that your property could use!

We are completely on call.
No matter the time of night, one of us is available to take that emergency call when it comes. We are able to dispatch anyone at any time of night to make sure that the emergency is handled effectively – and cost effectively – as possible.

Our daily maintenance routine looks like this:

We get a maintenance request through the tenant portal or directly from an owner:

We read over it, get in contact if we have any questions, direct Scott on how to best handle it, and assign it to Scott or another maintenance man that we have a great and direct relationship with. If we believe the price will be over our $200.00 maintenance reserve, or it is an emergency, we reach out to the owners and let them know that a bill will be coming and why.
Once it’s emailed out, the maintenance person will reach out and contact the tenants to schedule a time to get over there. The tenant doesn’t have to be at the property for us to enter and fix whatever needs looked at as we have key copies to each property – making us even more time and cost efficient.
When it’s scheduled, the maintenance person will go to the property and take care of the issue and write an invoice for us that gets emailed back to our company.
Upon receiving the invoice, we enter it into our system and add it to your property page, where you can view these invoices at any time in your owner statements.

With Masters Property Management, Masters Property Maintenance is our greatest addition thus far.

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